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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my Dragonfly Tutorial is done!!

Well, ok, so it's a wee bit later than I had anticipated...but it's finally done! This tutorial is almost twice as long than my Tapestry Scrollwork Tutorial and is full of step by step photos illustrating every detail on how I create my dragonfly beads. You can grab it now it my Etsy store!

I hope you enjoy it!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A weekend away.....

OK, so it's been over a week since I went to Vancouver Island for the Kitty Coleman Show, but thought that I should show some pics of the fabulous place we stayed at! We stayed at the newly renovated Bayside Beach House and it was absolutely gorgeous. That made it feel more like a vacation than a working weekend!

The artisan show at the Kitty Coleman Gardens was fun although a steady weekend of rain kept many of the locals at bay. The hard core art enthusiasts were there though, no amount of rain could keep them away! Stephanie and I were fortunate to have a nice spot under a sheltered area so we kept dry and managed to have a great time despite the rain.

The beach house was truly a delight and here are some photos of it in the early morning light. Simply lovely.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Woodland Gardens Artisans Festival this weekend!

Hello my fellow bead enthusiasts! Well, you may be wondering why I dropped off the face of the earth this summer! I've been busy enjoying time with my two fabulous step-daughters and also working on some great new beads and jewelry too in preparation for the Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens Show on Vancouver Island this weekend! This is going to be a fun getaway with dear friends. My partner in crime, Stephanie Dieleman, will be sharing the booth and she has a fantastic assortment of her exquisite beach-themed jewelry! I'm very excited as a group of us are all renting a house on the beach and so I'm looking forward to some beachcombing and relaxing nights by the fire roasting marshmellows with our 4 teenage girls we are bringing along. I will be sure to post pictures of our last hurrah of summer when I return! :)

If you are on Vancouver Island this weekend and want to check out this wonderful artisan festival, you can check out their website for all the show info..... I have borrowed some images from their website to give you a glimpse of just how beautiful this garden setting is. I can't wait to shop with the other vendors as there will be paintings, pottery, weaving, carvings and of course - jewelry! It promises to be a fabulous show. :)

While I'm away I will have limited internet access so I may not be able to reply to emails or send out tutorials until I return on Tuesday, September 8th. Thanks for your patience and I hope to see you at the show! :)