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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Well I can't believe that spring is finally here! It's been a hectic past few months with trips to Indiana, Disneyland and Miami to name just a few. Needless to say I have been terribly tardy in updating my blog. That said, I do have something to share that I am very excited about! I have been spending a bit of time between trips in the studio revisiting and refining some bead styles I truly adore. While I love all animals, I have always had a special spot in my heart for horses. I was fortunate to have several ponies and horses as a child and spent many wonderful summers with the horses we raised on our farm. Up until recently I have had horses but find myself too busy with my travels to devote as much time to them as I would like. So, I am indulging myself on a little "horse kick" in the studio and coming out with some equine inspired portraits! I will be adding more horse bead photos to my gallery this week and listing some new horse beads on Etsy in the weeks ahead. I hope you will drop in again soon to take a peek!

Happy Trails!

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