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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Canadian Bears

Oh how I love bears! Grizzly bears, polar bears and my all time favorite - black bears! I grew up on a mountain in the interior of BC called Silver Star Mountain. We lived in several places on that mountain and at one point, we lived in a large cabin on 40 acres of which about half was densely wooded forest. As kids, my brother and I would play along the trails and always had to keep a look out for our shy yet curious neighbors - the black bears. They would often wander up to the house, looking to see what offerings we had left them (in the disguise of a garbage can which they perceived as a gift basket) so seeing them was a regular occurence. How I miss seeing the babies in the spring - although when we did we had to make a bee-line in the opposite direction as babies meant that a momma bear was not far behind!

This little curious bear bead is a tribute to my enchanted childhood and all the wonderful bears that still live on Silver Star Mountain.......

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