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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

For the love of Red........

RED! What a glorious color and good for anytime of year - from candy apples in summer to the fire-red hues of maple trees in autumn, red is also one of the hallmark colors of Christmas. Is it because it brings a touch of warmth at such a chilly time of year? Or is it because of Santa, Poinsettias and the ripe red of holly berries? All good reasons to enjoy a touch of red in my opinion!

Oh how I tried to make a holiday bead this year - but this is as far as I got. My favorite red and one of my favorite themes - dragonflies - all rolled into one big and bold focal bead. OK, so I did manage a few little bead sets and things in red too - I just love this color! But no distinctly classic holiday themes for me this year. Well, maybe if you look closely you'll see some hints of mistletoe leaves in there somewhere............;)

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